Current Graduate Students

Binghamton ABD Students Committee Member

Natalia Triana-Angel is a Colombian Anthropologist and Historian, currently working on obtaining her PhD in Latin American History from Binghamton University. Her dissertation, entitled “Sounds of War: Salsa, City, and Conflict in the Cali Festival, 1968-1990” focuses on the role played by civil war dynamics in a popular music festival, examining how regional salsa sounds, venues and protagonists were deeply connected with a larger, ongoing panorama of national confrontation. She has also published her previous ethnographic work on virtual salsa collectors, unveiling an intricate geography of sonic consumption and production in Southwest Colombia.


ABAmanda Beardsley is a PhD candidate in Binghamton’s Art History department.  She is on a fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and is currently finishing her dissertation, “Celestial Mechanics: Technologies of Salvation in Mormonism and Post-Enlightenment America.”


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